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Dear all,

 As you may have heard, there will be an announcement of detection of B-mode polarization on the CMB today.
The rumors have been running high about what has been observed in the last couple of days, as this is a very significant observation directly linked to primordial gravitational waves produced at the early stages of inflation. Observation of gravity waves has been long-awaited within the inflationary cosmology paradigm; it will establish the scale of inflation.

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Here is where you can follow the announcement online:

Dear friends and colleagues,

We invite you to join us Monday, 17 March for a special webcast presenting the first results from the BICEP2 CMB telescope. The webcast will begin with a presentation for scientists 10:45-11:30 EDT, followed by a news conference 12:00-1:00 EDT.

You can join the webcast from the link at

Papers and data products will be available at 10:45 EDT from

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