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Dear all,
In the following please find the details of colloquium in Esfand.
Everybody is welcome to attend.
With kind regards,
Y. Farzan
Yasaman Farzan   
Time:   4:30 pm, Wednesday, 21st of Esfand
12th of March

Farmanie building, IPM, Tehran 


The revealed and hidden secrets of neutrinos

Neutrinos are electrically neutral and extremely light  elementary particles that interact only via weak interactions. Neutrinos come in three flavors: electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos and tau neutrinos. Neutrino physics is considered as one of the major windows towards new physics.

 It is now an established fact that neutrinos have a nonzero mass and go through flavor conversion as they propagate.  As a result, nine new parameters are added to the standard model of elementary particles. Five of these parameters have been measured. In fact with the new generation of experiments, we are entering the era of precision measurement of these parameters. I will review the known and unknowns of neutrino parameters and the strategies to measure them with a particular emphasis on our own proposal for measuring one of  the unknowns; i.e., the  Dirac CP-violating phase.

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بؤلوم :
یازار : Yasaman Farzan

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