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من سال ۲۰۰۴ براي شركت در يك همايش به آسپن واقع در كلورادو رفته ام. جاي فوق العاده زيبايي است. طبيعت فوق العاده قشنگي دارد.  امروز اي-ميلي از همكاري در يو-سي-ال-اي دريافت كردم كه از من مي خواست اطلاعيه ي زير را منتشر كنم. مي توانيد براي اين بورس اقدام كنيد و از طريق آن در همايش هاي علمي در اسپن زيبا شركت نماييد. هم فال و هم تماشا. هم علم و هم طبيعت گردي!

The Simons Foundation has generously provided funds to support physicists coming from countries where science funding is not strong or from economically disadvantaged countries. All physicists who would like to participate at the Aspen Center for Physics apply before January 31 of the year preceding the summer they would like to attend. The admissions process is rigorous due to the large number of applications. This results in a 60% acceptance rate. Physicists do not apply  for the Simons grant. If the country in which they are working is one that will be supported that year, the physicists will receive letters of acceptance that include information about Simons funding. The Simons grant pays for an accepted individual's registration fee, shared housing while in Aspen (one's own room in a two- or three-bedroom apartment), and a portion of air travel, which will vary from year to year, but will not cover all of one's travel expenses. "

The houses in Aspen are gorgeous so the accommodation in a house is very good.  Each room has a separate bathroom, the kitchens are large and fully equipped, and the Aspen Center lends bicycles or people can take  the public free transportation the City of Aspen provides across town to go around (the city is small).

The application deadline is January 31st and it only takes a moment:

The Aspen Center not only accepts people for workshops but also by individual research groups of a few people, and even isolated researchers. But applying to a workshop is the most common way to apply. We would like your help to encourage people from Iran to apply (it is not sure that they will get in, but applying is the first step

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