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Naturalness after LHC8

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Naturalness after LHC8

Abstract: I review the status of naturalness of the weak scale after the results from the LHC operating at an energy of 8 TeV. Talk delivered at the 2013 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS), Stockholm, Sweden, 18-24 July 2013.


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Time: Tuesday, 15th of Mordad (Aug 6), 3pm

Place: Physics Seminar Room, Farmanieh

Speaker: Dr. Mehrdad Mirbabayi (recently graduated from NYU, to join IAS)

Title: Natural Tuning: Towards A Proof of Concept
«كوك طبيعي: مصداقي براي يك مدعا»

The cosmological constant problem and the absence of new natural
physics at the electroweak scale, if confirmed by the LHC, may either
indicate that the nature is fine-tuned or that a refined notion of
naturalness is required. We construct a family of toy UV complete
quantum theories providing a proof of concept for the second
possibility. Low energy physics is described by a tuned effective
field theory, which exhibits relevant interactions not protected by
any symmetries and separated by an arbitrary large mass gap from the
new "gravitational" physics, represented by a set of irrelevant
operators. Nevertheless, the only available language to describe
dynamics at all energy scales does not require any fine-tuning. The
interesting novel feature of this construction is that UV physics is
not described by a fixed point, but rather exhibits asymptotic
fragility. Observation of additional unprotected scalars at the LHC
would be a smoking gun for this scenario. Natural tuning also favors
TeV scale unification‫.

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یازار : Yasaman Farzan

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