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البته شما كه اهل دانشيد حتما ميدونيد كه ايمپكت فاكتور چگونه محاسبه ميشود؟
For example, if a journal has an impact factor of 3 in 2008, then its papers published in 2006 and 2007 received 3 citations each on average in 2008.
در نتيجه وقتي ايمپكت فاكتور مجله در سال 2012 اعلام شده مقاله هاي چاپ شده در سال 2010 و 2011 به حساب آمده اند.
دكتر شيخ جباري هم تازه در اواخر سال 2011 عضو هيات ويراستارها شده اند.
البته خيلي خوبه كه ايشون ويراستار چنين مجله مهمي هستند و در آينده هم حتما سبب پيشرفت اين مجله خواهند شد. ولي خواستم تذكر بدم در قضاوت ها يك مقدار علمي تر از افراد غير علمي باشيم.

اميرعباس افزود:

حرف حسين درسته. با كمال احترام و ادب به فعاليت‌هاي دكتر شيخ‌جباري، خيلي بعيده كه ايمپكت فكتور امسال ربطي به اين تلاش‌ها داشته باشه. تلاش‌هاي ايشون انشالله در سال آينده تاثير خودش رو نشون مي‌ده.

پاسخ شاهين:

Thank you for the comment. That is indeed right that the impact factor is the two-years impact factor and papers published in mid-2010 to mid-2012 have been considered it in

I officially became an editor of the journal since Oct. of 2011, however, I was consultant of the journal for about a year before that and I was somehow asked to show my programs and ideas for the journal to convince the journal board to join them as editor. So, I joined the editorial board after they examined some of my proposals. Of course not all my proposals were good and were put in practice, but some of them were, and some of them were cooked further and then used in different ways.

I should again mention that the IF in itself is just a statistical indicator in the quality of the journal and should be handled with care. More importantly, there are many factors going into

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